If you're looking to get that perfect hourglass figure, waist trainers are the way to go! These will slim your waist line immediately, smoothing and flattening your tummy while providing comfortable back support. Not only will you trim around the abdomen, they will also highlight those hips and lift that bust for a naturally curvy, beautiful figure.

Waist cinchers are effective in supporting a quick  postpartum recovery and are also perfect for women with lower back problems. Waist trainers provide firm compression that supports your back and core muscles to improve posture. Postpartum belts accelerate healing following pregnancy and reduce stretch marks to return to pre-pregnancy form. Postpartum bands also support the abdominal muscles to increase strength following a C-section, and can add additional lift and support while breastfeeding. And the lightweight cotton and spandex materials are so breathable and comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it!  

Check out our selection of waist cinchers today. Whether you’re going for that curvy hourglass shape or need reliable back support to encourage healing, we have the styles you want. Outer beauty starts on the inside, so don’t be afraid to rock that favorite outfit with a little help from a waist cincher. Plushique Store only offers the highest quality brands and materials, so you can trust that our shapewear is built to last and move!