Waist Training

 So what is waist training?! 

Waist training is a process that involves wearing a latex waist trainer or a tight laced corset to cinch in your waistline. It’s used to give women a more curvy hourglass figure with a smaller waist while the hips remain curvy. This  works perfectly for anyone looking to maintain a curvy silhouette.

However, this process doesn’t happen overnight, consistency plays a large role in achieving your body goals

As you increase the hours you train your waist, you will find it gets easier. Working out and exercise is crucial to speed up waist training results. This also means even when you have cinched in your waist to the desirable size, you still may have to wear the trainer or corset for a few hours every few days to maintain your slimmer waist.

The waist-trainer will not only cinch your waist, it will also strengthen your core all the while improving your posture. The thermogenisis created within your body will allow your body to rid itself of harsh toxins and impurities, through perspiration. While wearing the waist trainer, the tight compression will help to appropriately correct portion intake,therefore you'll achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals, more often, rather than three large meals a day.

 Healthy Food: www.playbuzz.com

Healthy Food: www.playbuzz.com

Waist training as a means of permanent waist-reduction and re-shaping is a practice requiring discipline and is best achieved when the following 3 measures are taken:

  1. Waist Cinching using a traditional flex-boned corset
  2. Healthy Diet
  3. Regular Exercise

How Long Should I wear My Waist Trainer?

Every woman is different, and no one trainer can be used by two women at the same time. At the store, we have experts that will measure and fit you, to find the best waist trainer. For beginners, we recommend that you start off slow. This means that you wear your trainer for about 3-4 hours for the first week or so, then as time goes by and you get used to the waist trainer, you can add hours and even reach up to 12+ hours of wear.

 Regular Exercise

Regular Exercise

Another important tip that we give is for you to wear a thin cotton vest underneath your waist trainer. This is especially important if you're working out. Although the premium waist trainer has a soft cotton lining, the vest will reduce chaffing and absorb more sweat, making it more comfortable to move around in. 

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Posted on September 15, 2015 .